Dmitry V. Komarov

Practical questions of the
International Private Law
Bolshaya Morskaya, 23
St. Petersburg, 191186, Russia
tel | fax +7 (812) 314-67-08
dmkom Russia Attorney SPb

A graduate of Leningrad State University , I have been working in the sphere of International Private Law more than 20 years.

I widely use the wealth of Saint Petersburg's libraries and repositories,amiable help of skilled associates and experts in my work. One can calls such work a collective creation giving good results.

Advice is available by e-mail. I also consult in English,Spanish and Finnish languages, which I have mastered in sufficient degree.

The only request - previously arrange your visit by phone.

Always at your service,

— Inheritance cases, including heirs search on the territory of Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus, obtaining of legalized birth certificates. Legalized affidavit statements.

— Family Law, divorcing, controversy and disputes on children and property /in the case of intermarriage/. Covenants of marriage.

— Historical and law researches in the context of possible restitution of property. Other civil cases.

— Oral and written advice on the above mentioned questions.

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